Left Atrial Tumors should all be resected via a Minimally Invasive Approach!

Both left atrial tumors as well as left ventricular non-malignant tumors can be safely and effectively removed via a right mini-thoracotomy approach. Left atrial access is obtained via a 4-5 ICS exposure(similar to mini-MVR) and LV tumors via 2-3 ICS exposure (similar to mini-AVR). As demonstrated in the following pictures, a large LA myxoma was resected, along with septum, and a pericardial patch was placed to close the residual defect in the septum. Of note one venous cannula was placed via the femoral vein and bicaval cannulation was not required.

I have attached our early experience with minimally invasive resection of cardiac tumors.MICS excision of cardiac masses vs sternotomy

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